Why BTS?

At Brisbane Testing Solutions, our focus and interest is towards Automation. We are not a resourcing agency providing body shopping services. Our interest & commitment is to work hand-in-hand with our clients, to design and implement automation solutions solving real business issues. We bring in our expertise at nominal charges and many a times at fixed price even though we may not have worked in your environment. So how do we do it?

Brisbane Testing Solutions was formed when few like minded individuals with extensive hands on experience in Automation joined forces. Our team bring together more than 50 years of individual experience in designing & implementing Automation Solutions in a range of industry sectors.

So why Brisbane? Well to simply put, our founders are based out of Brisbane. Albeit the name, we do serve nationally across Australia.

Your Partner in Testing Solutions

If you are seeking testing solutions, we are here for you! Look at what we can bring to the table!!!


Developing solutions can be done by anyone. We help in making solutions creative and sustainable for future to meet your desired goals.


Bringing in first hand working experience from various industry sectors, our team knows where exactly the cog wheel should fit, in an existing structure.


Our team are trained to posses the skills and knowledge of the changing landscape in Automation. This means you get the best of what the market can offer!!!

Customer Focus

Understanding your problems and working with you to solve them is our priority. Trust, Integrity & Commitment are the values you will see in our team.

Looking for a reliable testing partner?