Quality Assurance

"Quality is free. It's not a gift, but it's free. The 'unquality' things are what cost money" - Philip B Crosby

In terms of testing, we associate cost with selecting one of the many tools available in the industry. However, it is the bugs that go unidentified that costs more in terms of time, money and effort.
The cost of fixing the bug goes 4 to 5 times higher once the product is delivered and increases exponentially as the bug moves through the SDLC.

The common misconception is that the quality of a software is directly related to testing. However, in reality, the quality of a software lies with many other factors too, like requirements elicitation, quality of the design, quality of the development, quality of implementation and so on. At Brisbane Testing Solutions, we focus on the testing aspect of quality assurance. Some of the services we provide include:

  • Test Management Services
  • Test Audit Services
  • Establishing Test Governance Processes
  • Developing Templates and Frameworks

Test Management Services

With the focus of Software development already drifting towards Agile, testing has become even more challenging than it already was, as there is a constant need for collaboration between the developers and testers. From our interactions with various clients and their stakeholders, we have observed that with the absence of test management, projects found it challenging to account for time and resources required for testing. In addition to this, there was a constant struggle in tracking requirements and staying in sync with the development. At Brisbane Testing Solutions, we use our expertise to overcome these challenges by introducing test management activities early in the life cycle and provide suitable recommendations depending on the complexity of the product.

Test Audit Services

As a product owner, you ensured that all phases of testing were followed and you are happy with the end result. But how do you show asses that the testing was managed well or not? The answer, Test Management reviews and audit. At Brisbane Testing Solutions, we plan, prepare and review the processes followed by a project team to help monitor and improve the processes and to ensure the standard processes are being followed.

Establishing Test Governance Processes

Processes have been defined, the test plan is laid out and the test strategy is well documented. But how do you track whether the processes are being followed or whether the team is adhering to the test strategy? At Brisbane Testing Solutions, we use governance practices to validate and amend the testing activities to ensure the standard processes are followed and the maximum value is derived out of the testing.

Test Process Framework Development

Development of a test process framework provides a structure to the test process which ensures meeting testing objectives more efficiently. The test process framework measures the process maturity to meet the industry practices, through which new achievable goals can be set to improve the product. We effectively collaborate with our clients to develop the test process framework. The test process framework is developed based on the client’s individual requirements to provide effective solutions to their unique problems.

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