Test Automation

Robotic Process Automation

Next generation of automation technology is already here. Learn how robotic automation can help in day-to-day business process. Read More

API Automation

Adoption of microservices architectures in technical implementations is growing rapidly; for simpler deployment, understanding and re-usability. We believe that future of testing lies in API automation.Read More

Transition to DEVOPS

The essence of DevOps lies in receiving continuous feedback and providing fixes rapidly. It is challenging to receive continuous feedback using manual testing. Read More

UI Automation

UI automation is the simplest form of test automation. With increasing complexity in working with UI elements; design & maintenance of test automation suite can get pretty tedious. In an environment where the UI is changing constantly, ROI calculations often go wrong.Read More

Performance Testing using Functional Automation

Performance test tools that are used for load testing usually run headless and therefore re-usability & maintenance of the scripts is usually challenging. It is also an overkill, to maintain distinct tools and scripts that are not used often. Read More

Security Tests from Functional Automation

While it is imperative to conduct Security testing, the challenge lies similar to Performance Testing. Maintaining tools and scripts for Security Testing is an overhead. Alternatively, outsourcing security testing is a risk by itself and we have noted that the security testing results are often not clearly understood.Read More

Automate Business Processes using Test Automation

Digital transformation of manual processes is a must. However not every manual process finds itself at the top of the food chain. Secondly, digital transformation is a costly affair. Why not look at using test automation concepts to automate your manual processes?Read More

Automation in Cloud

In an attempt to reduce operational costs and improve scalability, organizations are migrating applications to cloud platforms. Same can be applied to test automation solutions.Read More

We also

  • Procure & Implement Automation Tools
  • Conduct tool evaluation for application under test
  • Undertake Automation Feasibility & Identify ROI
  • Maintain existing automation
  • Train your team in automation
  • Provide general consultancy services

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