Testing as a Service

At Brisbane Testers, testing as a service primarily focusses on providing fixed price service, ongoing support throughout the project test delivery stages, maintenance of BAU script and the services is also extended to non-functional testing. These services provide a simplistic approach to the testing process, improves flexibility and scalability, and highly increases productivity, also giving a good time to market the software.

Fixed Price Service

Software testing service is a fixed price service as the testers are well-versed with the step-by-step strategies to provide quality work. Testing as a service significantly reduces cost as it doesn’t require investment in setting up tools, servers or operating systems and results in an increased ROI.

Project Test Delivery

The project test delivery is equally important to the test management process. The testers provide ongoing support with continuous involvement throughout the project test delivery- right from the initiation stage to the closure stage. The ongoing support ensures that each project is delivered to the highest standard, thus initiating a customized project delivery workflow system which creates an appropriate testing environment. This also ensures that project (software product) is able to withstand failure. Our Project test delivery team assesses the deliverables by identifying testing processes that require more attention, provide the highest quality by understanding the limitations of non-testing environment, prioritization of activities, ensure project delivery on time through risk analysis and maintain consistency for recurring activities across several projects.

BAU Script Maintenance

Business as Usual (BAU) script maintenance is conducted as a part of testing as a service. BAU maintenance ensures management of all systems and services involved; adherence to organization policies, financial controls to assure the testing is conducted within the agreed budget and cost. BAU script maintenance service involves maintenance of servers, creating and managing the monitoring activities, managing backup schedules, and backup failures as well as resolving errors.

Non Functional Testing

Non-functional testing examines the performance, reliability and usability of the software to optimize the functionality of the software product and to minimize the production cost and risk. The features that are tested under non-functional testing are the performance of the software under normal circumstances, behavioral analysis of the software when used by multiples users, robustness of the software under stress, security concerns related to the software, recovery system of the software, behavioral analysis of the software in multiple environments, portable capability of the software and the easy understanding of the user manual.

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