Technology landscape for undertaking automation is vast and rapidly changing. Currently, there are over 50 test automation tools that cater to a variety of areas and requirements of automation. How do organisations & professional testers keep up with this rapid change and make best use of appropriate tool set for their work?

Our personal experience and interactions with our clients, has highlighted some challenges in the space of test automation

  • Problem of Plenty - Teams transitioning to automation, often do not know where to start. A question we often hear is - Which tool should be used for automation? There are hundreds of material & community forums but which one can be relied upon?
  • What to automate - We have seen teams trying to automate 100% of the application under test, ROI for which would not be achieved 3 to 4 years after implementation.
  • What approach to follow? - Conducting automation feasibility & designing automation framework before commencing is critical. Not doing so can lead to a framework that is not reusable or would require significant maintenance efforts in future.

At Brisbane Testing Solutions, we understand your pain as we have been through similar journey. Our team is committed and motivated to learn about the latest technologies and would be glad to pass on the knowledge to wider community. Our training courses are designed and structured appropriately for various levels of expertise. We believe in practical, class room based trainings so that the trainees can start implementing automation straight after the course. Below are the courses we offer:

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